taking virtual to the next level

taking virtual to the next level

everyone is getting used to hosting and attending virtual events as it’s been many months since we all had to embrace them, and here at sevenevents we’re always thinking about how you can elevate your event to the next level.

avid readers of our blogs will know that we have our own platform and streaming service which takes your meeting or conference to another level in the virtual world, however, we’re keen to step that up another notch, and this is where the virtual studio comes in.

depending on where you are in the country, we have a number of options that would work for you and we feel this will start to bridge the gap between fully virtual and hybrid.

if you held a remote event last year then you’ll want to go one better this year and for your presenters who are used to getting up on stage, this is going to make them feel at home again.

no, you won’t have an audience – well not yet probably – but you’ll be on a stage large enough to hold a socially distanced panel discussion and we can still have other presenters from around the globe beamed into the screens on stage for engagement and interaction.

so if we’ve whet your appetite about what you want to do next, get in touch to find out more.