Talking to The Future

Talking to The Future

If you had one thing that you could tell the next generation, what would it be?


You have a chance to do this via the Hennessy Time Barrel which has arrived on the 12th June in London St Pancras International. It will be there until the 18th June as is a virtual time capsule and installation that Hennessy has created, inviting people from around the world to contribute their messages for the future: a legacy for the next generation.


From inspiring people, places, technology, music and culture, to modern day advice and insight, personal messages from around the globe are being collated to create a mosaic of memories to be shared with future generations. Each barrel maturing in Hennessy’s cellars is a time capsule in itself, carefully overseen by Yann Fillioux, Hennessy’s Master Blender, whose mission it is to prepare eaux-de-vie for the generations of Master Blenders who will follow him. This was this inspiration for the creation of the Hennessy Time Barrel, which will be located for just one week on the main shopping area at St Pancras International concourse.


Over the course of the week, the Hennessy Time Barrel will invite visitors, commuters and travellers through the station to leave their own contribution for future generations in the form of a 15 second video or text message – the message that they want to be remembered from today for those in the future to cherish when the capsule is opened once again in 50 years’ time – 2065.


Visitors who contribute their messages will have the chance to enjoy a Hennessy Crusta cocktail at a celebratory price in the Booking Office at the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel – made with Fine de Cognac, orange liquer and maraschino cherry spirit. For a lighter option, visitors can opt for the bespoke Hennessy afternoon tea which will also be available at the Booking Office during that same week.