Team building activities for before dinner at a conference

Team building activities for before dinner at a conference

After a day of important, information-packed conferences it is a good idea to put on some fun, engaging and exciting team building activities for your group.  It acts as a way of unwinding and bringing everybody together in a different context.  It is also fun!  We have some popular and unique ideas on how you can do this without spoiling the evening meal if there is one planned.


Chocolate and gin tasting


We know how popular gin and chocolate both are individually, so your group could do a pairing together to give everyone the opportunity of tasting both delicious items in synchrony. This is a classy and extremely fun and engaging activity to bring everyone together.  Guests have the choice of 6 gins (London Dry/Old Tom/flavoured gins), the full range of Fevertree tonics and a vast array of fresh herbs, spices & botanicals to make a bespoke G&T. The G&T can then be paired with 6 different chocolates.


Best of British


We could offer you a Best of British themed beverage tasting activity. The group will get to try a mixture of quality, British wines, beers, whiskies and gins.  As Great Britain is a world-beating nation when it comes to drinks, you are in for a treat!  Guests have the choice of 2 wines from South England, 2 classic beers, a single malt whiskey and 2 gins alongside some delicious mixers, tonic water and ice.


Port and cheese tasting


Port and cheese tasting is an original way of allowing a group to try a variety of different delicious wine and matching cheese.  This interactive activity tests their taste buds and expands their knowledge on different high-quality ports. It is elegant and sophisticated as well as interactive and relaxed and one guests enjoy.


Sushi and dumpling-making


This activity is interactive and tests guests taste buds and expands their knowledge on how to make these items of food. There are usually several different tables set up – so people could make sushi at the same time as others making dumplings whilst the remainder can mingle, eat and chat.


Let us help you


Finding the right team building activity for your event can be challenging, that’s why we make sure we try out as many as possible, so we can provide you with the right option for you. If you want to find out more about how we do this, contact a member of our events team, they will be happy to tell you all about their experiences. To have a look at some of the other amazing events we have organised click on the link below.