Team Building for large numbers – we’re here to help!

Team Building for large numbers – we’re here to help!

It is always tricky finding an activity that suits your group and meets the objectives you want it too. So, when you have hundreds of people, we understand the challenges associated with finding that right activity that is going to involve everyone! We have outlined below a few teambuilding events that work well for large groups and what objectives they achieve.

Crystal Challenge

It’s been around for years but is still one of the most popular teambuilding activities of all time! With the re-launch on TV it definitely has seen an increase in popularity again. Inspired by the popular 90’s tv game show, you and your colleagues will make you way round the four themed zones – Aztec, medieval, industrial and futuristic. In each zone you will go head to head with another team on several different challenges, testing you in areas of mental, physical, skill and mystery. The experience will culminate in teams entering the dome to frantically collect as many gold tickets as possible – this is an enjoyable to watch as to take part! The winning team will be the team with the most gold tickets!

This activity works really well for large groups and makes sure everyone is involved. It’s competitive but still offers that collaborative approach in the challenges. We suggest pre-determining teams and grouping people together who don’t usually work together.

Get In The Zone

Get in the Zone is an inclusive and all-round fun activity for any group to do. Hosted by a professional compere this activity is sure to keep the energy levels high! With an incredible 120-page task book, teams must compete in over 100 varied challenges from the physical, mental, skill and creative zones. Your team can complete the activities in any order as every challenge fall within one of these zones. We bring all the 100 activities with us so teams must decide amongst themselves where their strengths lie with the aim to win as many points as possible.

The larger the group the better for this activity! If you are looking for a fast paced, high energy activity this is the one! Get in the zone is highly competitive but will require members of team to work together to complete a challenge. You will need to find out more about your teams’ strengths and use this to you advantage which is a skill that can then be transferred back into the work environment.

Masterpiece Challenge

Teams will be tasked with reproducing a giant-sized art installation, one that has been created by yourselves. Each team will work together on their individual canvases, completing a number of challenges to earn the equipment required to complete this task.
Each team will be provided with a separate part of the overall image to complete, the event will culminate in the teams put together their individual canvases to reveal the final, big picture!

Masterpiece Challenge is designed to encourage big picture thinking, giving team’s perspective on how all the separate elements come together to become a successful team or business. It is also a fantastic event to allow people creative juices to flow and most importantly you will have created your art piece, something to take back to office display as reminder of all the hard work the team have done!



Let us help you

Finding the right teambuilding activity for your event can be challenging, that’s why we make sure we try out as many as possible, so we can provide you with the right option for you. If you want to find out more about how we do this, contact a member of our events team, they will be happy to tell you all about their experiences. To have a look at some of the other amazing events we have organised click on the link below.