team building in 2023

team building in 2023

new year, new targets, new team members – its time to plan your 2023 team building day out. reuniting with your team in 2022 really highlighted the importance of face-to-face interaction for many companies, and while we love and advocate for a traditional team building day, why not try something different this year? at seven events we love to think outside the box and bring creativity to all that we do, so out with the old and in with the new. lets plan an epic 2023 team building day!

we’ve all heard of the duke of edinburgh award that we were encouraged to do when we were at school. we were encouraged because it showed leadership, taught life skills, and above all showed us how to work with a team. so we want to introduce a staff team building in the style of a duke of edinburgh. this could be a challenge to climb snowdon in wales, or ben nevis scotland as a team. of course post climb we can certainly send everyone for a well-deserved spa treatment and a celebratory dinner. this activity will allow the team to encourage one another, be supportive and understanding, while working together to achieve something brilliant.

if that sounds a bit too physically challenging, why not test your mind at lifesize monopoly. located near tottenham court road, work in a team to get yourselves around the monopoly board and go head-to-head to win a prize. celebrate afterwards with a well-earned team dinner. this is a simple idea but one that will give everyone a good laugh and test your group working abilities.

send your team off out on an epic bike ride. send one team in one direction and another in a different direction and see who can get to the finish line first (naturally, with a guide to assist each team). for this one pick between many of the UKs countryside gems for your route – the cotswolds, the lake districts, the new forest, or even as far as cornwall. this is another team building day to pair with a hotel and spa for a needed relaxation and pamper after your outdoor adventure. this will encourage employees to get competitive in their teams, working together to find the best route and be the first to the meeting point.

at seven events we love to get creative with a brief. so if these ideas aren’t for you or you would like some help executing these concepts – get in touch today! give us a call on +44 (0) 207 659 4430 or get in contact at to discuss your brief.