team building – welcoming new recruits

team building – welcoming new recruits

with hybrid working here to stay and companies starting to expand their teams again, how can we make new recruits feel part of the team? to ensure your new employees join feeling welcomed, why not get the company together at an event to greet your new starters and re-group your long-standing employees.

show your new recruits the views of st paul’s cathedral london at the ned roof top bar while enjoying a glass of champagne and canapes. set the scene for how the company wants to thank employees for the hard work they do by pulling out all the stops

or if you want something more low-key but equally as welcoming, bring the fizz to you with the bubble bros. the prosecco van can head to your office and offer the expertly tuned sparkling wine bar system. partner this with some street food catering and you have yourself the perfect summery welcome to new team members.

wanting a more activity-based event? at sevenevents we have a wide portfolio of exciting team building activities to get everyone, new and long-standing employees, involved. try mixology at a cocktail making workshop under the guidance of the world’s most creative bartenders. enjoy some healthy competition between colleagues to see who can make the best cocktails after learning how to flair from professionals.


to find out more on how to impress your new recruits with a bespoke welcome event, get in touch here with sevenevents to start planning.