4 Team Collaboration Tools to Engage Remote Employees

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4 Team Collaboration Tools to Engage Remote Employees

Remote working has become the norm these days because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Work from home is the only safe way left to run any business. Businesses and organisations that didn’t allow remote working previously are now also adapting to this trend because of the need of the hour.

Managing remote teams is crucial for the success of your organisation. It is the responsibility of the project manager to ensure that all the team members collaborate so that the outcome of any project is not affected by remote working. With no corporate team events and activities, things start to get a little dull.

But with team collaboration tools, your team can get together online and work just like before.

Here are some team collaboration tools that can help your team collaborate and work together during this pandemic.


ProofHub is one of the most widely used online project management software. Remote teams all over the world use this software to collaborate. It offers seamless interactions not only with team members but also with your clients.

It comes with features such as online discussions, remote project management, online proofing, and also an option to share feedback. It is an all-in-one team collaboration tool that can help you run your business effectively during this pandemic.


If you are looking for an online team collaboration tool that helps you plan, control, and schedule projects for your remote employees, then Instagantt is a great choice. It is a super intuitive software that allows you to create accurate illustrations of all your projects.

This makes team collaboration easy when everyone is working remotely. Instagantt also allows you to streamline your workflow by creating tasks and subtasks. You can also create baselines, notifications, project scheduling, milestones, and guidelines for each project. This makes team collaboration simple and effective.


Teams working remotely love Slack. It is a remote work messaging tool that allows seamless communication among team members. It is a digital space where all the team members can communicate with one another.

Slack offers an all-in-one communication solution and is one of the best remote team collaboration tools. It engages remote employees and allows your team to communicate with one another easily for seamless project management and completion of tasks.


4. Troop Messenger

If you are looking for a low-complexity but high functionality team collaboration tool, then Troop Messenger is a great choice. It is ideal for enterprises of all kinds and sizes. It gives your remote employees a simple way to interact with one another through instant video and audio calling, messaging, file, and location sharing.

You can also create unlimited groups for each team to help them collaborate better. The best thing about Troop Messenger is that it can be integrated with Google Drive and Dropbox. This makes things a lot easier.

These were some of the best team collaboration tools to engage remote employees working from home during this pandemic. We hope everyone will be back with their corporate team events and indoor team activities soon as this pandemic ends.