10 Emerging Trends for Corporate Events

Corporate Events

10 Emerging Trends for Corporate Events

corporate events have changed significantly over the years, as we face continuous technological advancements clients are always on the look at fresh ways for audiences to interact. our corporate clients are always seeking ways to create meaningful experiences and new trends that have emerged to shape the format of the event. in this blog we will look at the top emerging trends and how our corporate event planners here at seven events are vast in their knowledge of the latest learnings. 

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  1. hybrid events: we saw a rise of virtual events and whilst clients are returning to face to face events, the hybrid world is still prevalent amongst clients. blending in-person and virtual elements offer companies the ability to reach a global audience and provide more localised experiences. this style of event allows for flexibility and inclusivity as well as elevating the digital only events. being able to cater for both remote and on-site participants has seen an increase in attendance.
  2. immersive experiences: as we see technology adapt each day, the demand for immersive and interactive experiences is on the rise. corporate events are moving beyond the usual presentations and workshops and instead we are incorporating elements of gamification, augmented reality (ar), and virtual reality (vr). these elements heighten interaction between delegates and leave guests with a memorable and enjoyable experience.
  3. sustainability: as we move back to more face-to-face events, environmental consciousness plays a big part during the event planning process. most corporate companies include this within their own ethos to the business and are adopting eco-friendly practices to minimise carbon footprint. from reducing single-use plastics to selecting green venues, sustainability is now a core aspect of event planning, aligning events with the broader goal of corporate social responsibility. when looking at corporate event catering ideas this is a core focus on selecting suppliers focusing on food and beverage preparation and presentation and the suppliers’ own principles.
  4. wellness: well-being of employees and delegates is a priority in businesses. a lot of clients now look to incorporate this into event agendas. this could be wellness activities, mindfulness sessions, yoga workshops, and relaxation zones to promote mental and physical health. companies recognise the importance of this not only leading to increased morale but productivity.
  5. data insights: analysing data is a key trend for corporate events and is transforming the way events are planned and executed. gaining insights from attendee behaviours and preferences allow to put this at the core of the agenda and allows our corporate event planners to make data-driven decisions. this leads to optimising event content and the structure to ensure we are maximising interaction and company objectives are being met for the client team.
  6. personal touch: a lot more corporate events we are now planning are personalised from start to end. delegates also now have some expectations of personalised experiences tailored to their interests or needs. such as a personalised addressed welcome note to customised agendas. it could also be targeted content delivery enhancing delegate interaction and allowing for networking between the group to be heightened.
  7. virtual team building: we talked about the trend of immersive experiences, but we are also seeing a trend for virtual team build activities. many suppliers are now set-up to provide a virtual experience where the delegates can network with other colleagues. hosts are now set-up to create that uplifted feel to attendees and where all delegates can take part.
  8. entertainment: entertainment has always been a trend we have seen, but corporate events are keeping the right entertainment key to the agenda. we are seeing companies partner with industry experts of celebrity guests to captivate audiences and add excitement to the event atmosphere.
  9. food and beverage: corporate event catering ideas are an emerging trend because they go beyond a standard buffet style offering. companies are now recognising the power of food in creating memorable experiences. unique and diverse culinary experiences, such as interactive food stations, themed menus and global cuisine showcases add to the excitement of events. creating corporate event catering ideas also provides the change for branding and personalisation making the event distinctive. innovative catering ideas can leave a lasting impression on attendees.
  10. creative venues: creative venue choices are an emerging trend for corporate events due to the ability to elevate the overall event experience. moving aways from boardrooms or conventional conference rooms, clients are now on the search for unique and unconventional spaces that align with themes and objectives and allow for creativity. venues such as historic landmarks or outside space adds an element of surprise for delegates.

as corporate trends continuously evolve, embracing the emerging trends will be essential to businesses to create impactful and memorable experiences. by incorporating innovation and sustainability, companies can build networks with stakeholders and help reach business objectives.

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