The Beauty of Lisbon

The Beauty of Lisbon

Lisbon is definitely a hot choice of a destination this year and is one that is sure to deliver and not disappoint. Last week we held a client event that was a jam packed, 2 day programme where despite the short time they were there, the guests felt they’d really experienced what the city has to offer.


Staying at the Tivoli Lisboa on the famous Avenue de Liberdade this was the perfect location being so centrally located. One of the great things about Lisbon is the fact that there’s no long transfers to start your event as the airport is literally 20 minutes’ drive outside the city.


Guests arrived and had a little free time to explore before gathering in the evening in the hotel’s beautiful Terraco Restaurant which boats the most amazing views. Everyone was keen to sneak outside and take a quick snapshot of the view before tucking in to the fabulous array of cuisine on offer. Drinks flowed and so did conversation with networking groups set up to encourage the different European offices to mix and mingle.


The following day started with the plenary meeting and everyone got down to business. Individuals and teams were recognised and rewarded for their efforts over the past 12 months before splitting off into their regions for an update on what is expected for the coming year.


After a sumptuous lunch it was time to explore the city with the ‘Five Senses of Lisbon’ experience. The groups really went all out to achieve as many points as possible whilst seeing the local sites and meeting local people along the way.


The evening off site was a surprise for all when we took them to Papagayo within Urban Beach. This famous club hit all the right notes allowing the group to have a private space for dinner and dancing before joining the main club at midnight. It was clearly a hit as when the club closed at 5am some of the group were still partying the night away!


Lisbon is a real gem of a destination. With so much within walking distance it’s easy to navigate your way around and feel you’ve experienced the city even in a matter of a couple of days.


Obrigada Lisbon! We’re sure to be back soon.

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