the bond company

the bond company

the bond company is an impressive event venue located in the heart of birmingham. this modern and stylish venue offers a range of event spaces and facilities to accommodate a variety of different events.

the main event space at the bond company is the warehouse, which is a large open plan area with a capacity for up to 2,000 guests. it is perfect for a range of events such as exhibitions, concerts and parties. the warehouse features high ceilings, a stage and state of the art audio visual equipment, making it a great versatile space that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each event.

in addition to the warehouse, the bond company also has several other smaller event spaces, including the gallery which is a bright and airy space with a capacity of up to 300 guests. this space would be ideal for exhibitions, meetings and other various events.

one of the standout features of the bond company is its location. it’s situated right in the heart of the city which is easily accessible by public transport and also has ample parking on site. which makes this a convenient and practical choice of venue for all events.

the bond company is an excellent choice when looking for a venue in birmingham to host your event.

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