the constant and intimate relationship between luxury and art

the constant and intimate relationship between luxury and art

although it is not a new trend, we continue to see how when it comes to communicating, creative partnerships arise to benefit both parties: luxury brands need to communicate in a creative manner and be present where their audience of interest is, and artists are constantly looking for new opportunities to showcase their work.

we have recently seen another example of this kind of partnerships in london, where tate modern hosted for 10 days a dome split in half raised from the patch of grass in front of the art gallery. the art installation called ‘come home again’ was about a choral sculpture created by artist es devlin in collaboration with cartier.

an illuminated choral sculpture highlighting the 243 species on london’s priority list – moths, birds, beetles, wildflowers, fish and fungi – has been installed outside the tate Modern opposite st. paul’s cathedral. the large-scale public artwork, commissioned by cartier, proposed that a first step towards protecting the biosphere is to pay detailed attention to its inhabitants: to observe and draw them, to learn their names and remember their stories. the work provided a space for london-based choral groups of the diaspora to perform each evening at sunset within a sliced open scale model of the dome of st paul’s, teeming with es devlin’s pencil drawings of each of the 243 species. london’s 243 priority species have been identified by the london biodiversity action plan as declining in numbers within the city and as priorities for active conservation and protection. audiences are invited to engage with london wildlife trust in order to contribute and learn more.

artist ed devlin says: “a dome originally meant a home. the work invites us to see, hear and feel our home, our city as an interconnected web of species and cultures, to learn and remember the names and sing those under threat into continued existence.”

apart from being a creative communication strategy, it was a lovely experience, where each evening at sunset, for ten days, an interpretation of choral evensong has been sung within the illuminated sculpture by london-based choral groups: rare and unique london voices, combined with the voices of the birds, bats and insects, that also consider london their home.

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