the future of live events

the future of live events

isolation has caused major changes to the world and events industry and we have been doing what we can to stay upbeat, support our clients and get ready for a busy boom after the bans are lifted!

for now, virtual events have been fantastic at getting messages across to audiences and have been a saviour to the industry.  as good as they are, live events are still irreplaceable and will always have such a strong place for companies.

they are inspiring, interactive and help bring brands to life and create strong connections in unique ways.  amazing suppliers and ideas can mean events are uplifting, essential and beautiful and we hope they bounce back quickly.  we don’t know exactly know how things will look after covid-19, but it is really likely that there will be some new changes to make the industry more efficient, sustainable and even better than ever.

tighter budgets may lead to quality taking the lead over quantity so creativity may be a huge area to focus on.  people may be feeling a bit apprehensive to start attending live events again, so making events unique, exciting and memorising may be important to persuade people to return to them.

sustainability was beginning to become higher on the agenda when it comes to live events and in the future, this may become more important.  this could involve all areas such as catering, design, staging, power usage, waste management and content delivery being as sustainable as possible.

it’s likely some events will become hybrid between virtual and live which will allow wider audiences across the globe to attend smaller events – which is really exciting and will open so many new doors, as well as be more cost-effective and sustainable.

social distancing measures may be introduced for larger events with things like staggered delegate attendance or ticket prices, one-way corridors at expeditions and new greeting etiquette’s.

events are incredible experience and the need will always be there for them.  nothing can replace live music, lighting, delicious catering and the buzz which brings people together.  there has already been changes and we are excited to see how the industry shifts and grows into an even more!

we are still a team of creative, caring, passionate people who want to help you deliver what you need, in more challenging circumstances than usual.

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