the importance of content in events

the importance of content in events

as content has moved up the scale of importance and consideration by brands and companies, it has grown in quality, sophistication, and variety of formats and resources used.

currently, the content of an event, meeting or any other corporate activity can be represented as a geometric figure with four vectors, whose correct treatment and adequate and balanced enhancement will result in a perfect square. that is to say, a well-planned and organized event aligned with the objectives and pretensions.

these four main lines of configuration of the contents of an event are: the idea, the multimedia resources, the collective activities and the external human resources. In this article we explain the first two; next week we will develop the last two.

1) the idea

the content of any event must be based on an idea that is clear, powerful, easy for attendees to remember and that is present throughout the project.

brands and companies want to communicate many things, but experience shows us that the human mind is quite limited and does not usually retain many ideas or pay attention for a long time.

other characteristics of this central idea of ​​the event is that it is a creative concept and that it is maintained throughout the communicative flow. this flow does not take place only during the duration of the act, but also before and after it.

finally, it is also important to create an easy-to-remember slogan or claim that serves to synthesize, in a single sentence, the main key and the philosophy of the event, as well as an attractive logo.

2) media resources

currently, the impressive technological advances allow the creation of highly impressive and effective content highly valued by the audience and of extraordinary beauty and spectacularism.

among the many possibilities we would highlight, due to their impact on the attendees, the following:

projection of sophisticated videos in 2D and, lately, also in 3D. augmented reality, which is an even more realistic and spectacular version of the three-dimensional image. holograms, High-impact images that give the false impression that people are levitating.

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