the moment is now

the moment is now

the moment of scheduling your business event is now as one of the most important parts of event planning is sending out the invitation early enough for attendees to save the date and RSVP.

this is not always easy, since it is not the same to send an invitation via email to all the employees of a company than to organize a colloquium open to the public. that is to say: the anticipation with which the invitation and reminders must be sent depends on the type of event.

how to ensure the highest possible attendance?

the more important the event, the longer it should be planned, and seven events can help you to have your event ready with anticipation. although we have already talked to you before about how to organize large events, it never hurts to remember it. events such as symposiums, colloquiums and the like cannot be organized in a month.

when choosing a date, look at what other events are happening in your industry. once the date is set, send out invitations.

get event specialists like seven events to help you with all the details that you need to think of when organising an event with a lot of anticipation.

consider how many attendees the event site will fit in and give yourself some room. avoid saturating the site but consider that there are people who will cancel at the last minute.

remember that confirming the number of attendees will be the key for the details to go well. for example, the calculation of food, the use of spaces, the number of gifts or welcome kits, etc.

for all your events and for any occasion, get in contact with seven events at or 020 7659 4430