The Power of Linkedin

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The Power of Linkedin

We’re all users of LinkedIn but the big question is, are we really using it to our best advantage?

I think everyone when they first join has one aim – link in with as many people as possible. Don’t feel bad, we’ve all done it!

However, if you look back at your connections now, think, do you really know who half of them are? When was the last time that you got in touch with them? You can guarantee they have probably changed roles a few times since you first ‘met’ them.

There are many reasons why we use LinkedIn. To recruit, to promote ourselves, and to promote the company we work for and what that offers people.

This is key. Can you be of help to anyone you’re connected to that you’re not already working with? My guess is yes.

So take a look and see who you’ve not spoken to in a while (or let’s be honest, ever) and see how you could be working together.

ask yourself, how much business are you getting out of Linkedin?


LinkedIn is a great business tool. But ask yourself how much business are you getting out of it? I anticipate there could definitely be more. So when you get that great bit of new business that requires some kind of event think of SevenEvents and this piece of advice we gave you and get in touch… and let us show you the fabulous events we can organise together with you!