the virtual event technology roadmap

the virtual event technology roadmap

sevenevents have developed our own technology roadmap to help guide you through the key decisions that will make your virtual event a success. we are here to help you every single step of the way so do not worry!

there are three key considerations when hosting a successful virtual event. we categorise these choices into decisions which shape the way in which your virtual event is presented and hosted.

step 1: identify a meeting/webinar software to be utilised if required. we recommend using our professional virtual event production suite managed completely by our specialist in house team. this is the most user-friendly experience for hosts and lets us produce the highest quality broadcast for your event.

step 2: select a virtual event platform which meets the needs of your event requirements. this is the step which leverages your event from a standard online meeting to an immersive and engaging experience. luckily, we have developed our very own virtual event platform “hubseven” to accommodate all of your virtual event needs.

step 3: once the technology has been decided, the final step is to create engaging content suitable for the virtual format and decide how this is delivered to attendees. this can range from professional webcam broadcasts to our innovative smartstage technology.

sevenevents are here to help ensure you have success in the online world. for more information please contact us at: or call +44(0) 207 659 4430.