the world is slowly opening up

the world is slowly opening up

it’s starting to feel like the world is getting back on track and countries are opening up their borders to re-start tourism. with loads of gossip this week that air ‘bridges’ between the uk and other countries are to be announced imminently. we have taken a look at some locations ready to welcome back tourists with open arms!


a firm favourite for brits going abroad, spain is one of the first locations to open up. open up. you won’t be able to go nightclubbing in ibiza but you can definitely enjoy a glass of sangria at a bar on the beach.


the stunning islands that make up the maldives are due to welcome tourists from 15th july with no quarantine period ( subject to you not having symptoms). the maldives relies heavily on tourism to keep their economy going so this is great news for them!


uk travellers will hopefully be allowed to set foot in cyprus from july 15th. at the moment only a few select countries are allowed over. the cypriot government are so keen to get tourists over that if you test positive for covid – 19 after visiting they reimburse your travel costs.

the orient express

this luxury train which runs through london to venice is set to re-open in august, with dates already selling out! while the experience will be different, you can still expect the 1st class service just with half the people on board!

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