there’s no place like home

there’s no place like home

a strange phrase at the moment possibly when we’ve never spent more time there, but i don’t mean your own four walls… i mean the uk.

i’m sure, like us, we’re all hoping that there is still going to be the opportunity to travel this year however i think we all are acknowledging that this is going to be later than we’d originally planned or hoped for. so, if you’re still wanting to plan that incentive or group trip then why not think about what’s nearer to home?

there are so many beautiful places in the uk and we feel that once restrictions are lifted enough, our clients will be happier to perhaps drive to a destination themselves to relax and have fun on a beautiful uk retreat; so this is still a great reward to focus on.

we are blown away by some of the stunning places with our beautiful country and this year, more than ever, it’s a great time to remember why we love where we live and support the hotels and business who are itching to have you to visit.

contact us at sevenevents on 0207 659 4430 or so that we can inspire your next trip in the uk.