think outside the box

think outside the box

we are all excited about the prospect of a new year, but we need to be realistic that things aren’t going to change dramatically from the 31st december to the 1st january.

the continued roll out of the vaccine is a huge positive for the events industry in terms of seeing a light at the end of the tunnel to get back to in person events, but we need to think about what to do in the interim.

this is where you need to think outside the box…

location – if you normally plan your event in london perhaps think about going further afield where restrictions may not be so tight, therefore the likelihood of your event happening is greater.

use the space you have – if you have office space that isn’t being used for your workforce, use it for an event. think about filming from your office and streaming this out to your remote workers.

don’t wait, act – the urge to wait and see what happens is natural but if we’d done that in 2020 you wouldn’t have done anything. be bold and take the step into the virtual world for your events in q1.

look forward – we all need something to look forward to so put those plans in motion to think about what can be done when normality is back. hold that party for your staff and celebrate being back together. hold that event for your clients to shout out that you’re still in business.

there are so many great events that can still be held during these challenging times so get in touch with us on 0207 659 4430 or and see how we can work together on your next event.