Time to get your skates on!

Time to get your skates on!

Time to get your skates on!


So we’re nearing the most wonderful time of the year (Christmas) which means that skating rinks are popping up across the capital to get you into the festive spirit.

Here’s a quick look at where they are and when they’re open…


Natural History Museum – always a favourite and just a beautiful sparkly skate in front an iconic building. The rink opened at the end of October and runs until the 7th January.


Tower of London – the rink is nestled in the buildings dry moat where they light the walls of the castle with snowflakes. It’s open now until the 2nd January.


Winter Wonderland – obviously there’s so much to do at Winter Wonderland but this is the biggest open air ice skating rink in the country so you’d be mad to miss it. Closes on New Years Day so make sure you don’t miss out!


Canary Wharf – if you’re looking for somewhere quieter to practice your skating skills then maybe head to Canary Wharfs rink over the weekend when the workers aren’t there. There’s no excuse to miss this one as it’s open til the 24th February so plenty of time to become a pro!


Somerset House – possibly one of the most popular rinks in London with a stunning backdrop. They also have a programme of Skate Lates club nights where the rink comes alive with music played by top DJ’s. Open now until the 14th January.