tips to keep your virtual audience engaged

tips to keep your virtual audience engaged

as live events are on pause for the time being a lot of our clients have made the switch to virtual. conferences they would have hosted live on a big stage, with everyone there have now been moved into the virtual world. there is no denying that keeping a virtual audience engaged is a lot more daunting than keeping a live audience engaged. however, it can be done and below are a few of our tips to help

  1. the build up

like any live event there would be a build-up of communication between you and the guests. there should be no change in this for a virtual event. make sure you send out a full agenda beforehand. get guests to download any apps they may need; this will help build anticipation.  there is a million and one ways to get your audience excited before the event has even started; you can excite them with interactive features, exclusive information, rewards for certain elements.

  1. the opening

how the event starts is vital to keep your audience there. you need to start with an opening that is powerful, interesting and will leave your audience wanting to know more. the last thing you want is for people to say they lost me in the first 2 minutes.

  1. keep the audience involved

you don’t want the audience drifting off to sleep mid-way through a presentation. it’s important to keep them involved throughout. you can do this through questions, polls, and quizzes. this all can be done through an app or the platform you are using for your event.

  1. delivery

it’s important that the speaker delivering their information is in the correct environment. you don’t want too much going on behind them that will distract viewers. you need a good camera quality, so there is no blurriness on the video. you want to make sure the speaker is front on to the camera so the audience feels like they are watching the speaker right in front of them. another key thing to remember as a speaker is to slow down! this will allow your audience to understand and hear everything you say!

  1. after the event

the event has now taken place but it is important to follow up with your audience. whether that be through follow up notes, feedback forms or poll results from the event it is important to do it quickly after the event, while your guests are still thinking about it!