top 4 fun virtual event ideas for organizations

top 4 fun virtual event ideas for organizations

although we no longer need to run virtual event services as the pandemic is becoming a distance memory, it is still a great option for organisations. we find, as a virtual events agency some reasons organisations choose to still run virtual events is because of many reasons, some including viewers working remotely, perhaps outside of london and they are less likely to want to come into the city, you can reach a more global audience running events virtually, and also the convenience of not needing to physically go to an event. but even though the event is virtual, is definitely doesn’t have to be dull. 

we have come up with some top things to consider when running a virtual event to keep viewers entertained and to remember the event. these are some simple ideas and concepts you can bring to a virtual event to increase engagement and bring some fun to the virtual world.

why not include an ice-breaker section to your virtual event. hubseven can incorporate a virtual networking room where guests can join and meet other viewers. you could structure this so viewers have to meet a certain number of people to gain a prize, this prize can be big or small but trust us when we say engagement is increased when a prize is on the cards. this incentivises guests to use all elements to the virtual event services. this can work in a number of ways – we suggest adding virtual round tables with labelled topics on each. this way, guests can go to the table with a topic of interest and meet like-minded individuals so they can network. these topics can be random, or also linked to something related to the online event. 

talking of incentivising, virtual event services can now monitor viewer interaction. why not set-up a score system and the winner gets a prize. the scores can be gained from asking a question in the q&a, or reacting to a poll, or perhaps even using the chat function. this brings incentivised interactivity to the event and a fun element for viewers to get involved with. and of course a chance to win a prize. as a virtual events agency we find this is a super simple element to add and the benefit is huge. guests are more likely to engage with the event and use all parts of the virtual event services on the platform. 

so those are things you can do in conference style events to bring some fun into the day. as a virtual event agency we have also run many incentive style events. these options will be a great way to have some fun as a team, perhaps if you can’t get together in person for whatever reason. one of our favourites is a virtual cocktail master class. have cocktail shakers and all the equipment, and drinks, sent to participants ahead of the event. join the event and have a mixologist talk you through how to make the perfect cocktails. this is such fun and with the added benefit of enjoying a delicious drink during the event. go one step further and have a full on cooking master class. this is the same concept of sending ingredients ahead of the event, but a chef will be online to take you through step by step on how to make a perfect meal. both these concepts can be bespoke to your company, even to the extent of making a branded cocktail! amazing fun, and an inclusive activity. 

as we know from the pandemic, a zoom quiz was always a good laugh – however we have been there and done it to death. so virtual event services have mixed things up and added something extra to make quizzes more engaging. why not try a virtual murder mystery? they are great fun and a really engaging activity to bond a team together. work in smaller teams to find out who the murderer is and catch them before time runs out. teams will be given different clues that they will need to analyse and find the murderer. 

these are just some simple ideas to make your virtual event, and the virtual event service you use more interactive and fun for viewers. we can work with you to shape your brief around the virtual world and allow for interactivity using our hubseven. get in touch today by emailing or call us on 020 7659 4430.