top 4 reasons to use a sales incentive travel program in 2023

top 4 reasons to use a sales incentive travel program in 2023

since the coronavirus pandemic taking on new employees has become more and more difficult. With the job market now overcrowded and a lot of those positions are going unfilled, standing out of the crowd to attract new employees can be tough. not to mention trying to keep your current team from applying for those vacancies. there have been since the pandemic more employers especially in asia, europe and america upping their allocated budgets to use for incentive travel. 

at seven events we believe that incorporating an incentive travel program can help to ease that stress and make your vacancies more attractive. in this article we will look at the benefits for both the employer and employees. here are our top 4 reasons why you should be looking to include an incentive travel program this year…

improve employee retention 

attracting new employees to your company is of course important, but so is retaining the great experienced team you already have. by offering your employees an incentive travel program will help towards keeping them loyal to you and your company. 

offering this sort of program will help your employees to see opportunities to further their career, which is crucial for their job satisfaction. you should also think of your current employees like ambassadors. the more they enjoy their job the more likely they are to recommend your company to their peers, which will in turn help you to fulfil those vacancies you have advertised. 

increase employee motivation and productivity 

by rewarding your employees with an incentive travel program will help to keep them motivated. as soon as they see what is on offer to them, and they see the once in a lifetime trip that their colleagues are heading on, they will then want to strive for that success too. no one wants to be stuck working while their colleagues are packing their cases and jetting off to make some unforgettable memories. motivation and productivity are increased as soon as there is a goal put in place to reach. when there is a bit of friendly competition to win their spot on the trip, your employees natural human instinct will kick in to work harder. 

not only do incentive trips help to motivate people to work harder to win their place on the trip, but they also encourage people to keep that momentum when they return, this is because they may win a place again if they do well. it is also because they feel like they have been rewarded for their hard work making it more worthwhile. surveys have been carried out and over 80% of employees are much happier at work when they have been recognised for what they do. 

your employees are more likely to be motivated from incentive travel programs rather than a cash bonus. the reason for this is that although everyone would love an end of year bonus, normally this money just gets eaten up on paying everyday mundane bills such as their mortgage or energy bills, so it ends up being just temporary. also having a cash bonus doesn’t really get talked about, so isn’t going to increase the excitement and buzz around the workplace that an incentive trip would. 

team building 

incentives are not just a good way to motivate your employees at work, but they are also great for team building. this gives your employees a chance to build strong relationships with not only the team they normally work with but also other employees who they might not normally interact with on a daily basis. improving these connections within the workplace helps to also increase job satisfaction, and overall happiness at work and helps to lead to stronger teams, if your staff have made some really strong connections, they are more likely to help each other out. you will also notice an increase in workplace morale, making your company a great place to work. 

enhance your brand 

when employees are motivated, they are inspired to reach a higher level of success and develop themselves further. In turn, this then leads to a higher performance which will eventually mean an increase in revenue. 

if you are looking to incorporate an incentive travel program this year then get in touch with us on +44 (0) 207 659 4430 or visit the enquiry form incentive travel enquiry form and we can help you to plan your trip of a lifetime.