Top New Travel Spots for 2016

Top New Travel Spots for 2016

It’s wet, its cold and its dark. Why not ask Santa for tickets outta’here to one of the top holiday destination in 2016 to put a smile on your face. Here’s our fav’s:



How much can you fit into a small island? How about soaring, rainforest-covered mountains, ancient temples, bustling, sometimes chaotic cities, charming little towns, endless beaches, and even more in between? Sri Lanka is as culturally rich as its colossal neighbour to the north, as diverse and interesting – but it’s far more manageable for the solo traveller.

Though perennially popular with Europe’s mega-rich, this Italian island is in many places still a quiet, unpretentious, and relatively unspoiled destination for those hoping to enjoy Mediterranean paradise. From the charms of Cagliari to the history of Castelsardo, the stunning beauty of the Costa Smeralda to the rugged allure of Tempio Pausana, Sardinia is worth battling the odd Russian oligarch to see.


A few years ago it was the World Cup, and in 2016, Brazil will play host to another of the globe’s biggest sporting events: the Olympic Games. Rio de Janeiro is getting set for a party that’s going to be even bigger than its usual parties, with athletes and spectators from around the world descending upon its famed beaches, its samba clubs, its caipirinha-peddling kiosks and its buzzing streets in the name of sport and pleasure. You don’t want to miss it.


So often travellers forget about this country, lost as it is between its two famous neighbours, Argentina and Brazil. However, Uruguay is a fantastic destination in its own right, and a place you won’t have to share with many other tourists. Its capital, Montevideo, has charm to burn, while smaller towns like Colonia del Sacramento and Punta del Este have the party scenes covered. Throw in some beautiful countryside and you have yourself one very underrated destination.


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