top uk trips for after lockdown

top uk trips for after lockdown

with travel restrictions changing many of our summer holiday plans, the thought of relaxing on a beach with a cocktail may be becoming a bit of a distant memory.  however, all is not lost as it may also be an absolutely perfect time to explore the gorgeous country we are in and visit some places a bit closer to home than you may not often have the chance to see.  within a few short hours of london, you can find yourself in the most beautiful, picturesque towns which feels very far from home.  of course, this is all dependent on social distances measures, yet now may be a great time to start planning some summer day trips for later on in the year.

pack a picnic, grab your sunscreen and take a little adventure which doesn’t involve heading to an airport.  there is plenty of places to choose from, but some of our favourite day trips that can be taken around the uk are the following:


whoever said you need to jump on a flight to relax on a beach is wrong! this seaside town is mind-blowing beautiful and also a lot of fun! here, you can rent a bike and pedal along the oyster bay trail, or if you are feeling a little more relaxed, simply have a drink on the beach and watch the sunset with some fish and chips. the town is under 2 hours from london by car so you if you head off early you can make a real day of it.

the new forest

this is really a one-of-a-kind destination, which feels somewhat like a safari.  prepare to be amazed as you drive into the towns that make up the new forest, with wild ponies, horses, cattle and pigs surrounding the lanes and fields. the natural charm and beauty of these towns are quite surreal and totally unique. there are plenty of places to have a picnic and lots of delicious cafes (depending on the rules at the time) you can explore. hampshire is only a few short hours away from london by car, this is a great option for an exciting day out!


beautiful, quaint, and historical, the bath is a fantastic place to visit and again, very unique to itself.  vibrant and a feel-good city, this somerset town has a lot of neoclassical buildings which are contrasted with chic and elegant renovations. here, you can check out the stunning roman baths and take in the city, wander down the little lanes and stroll along the royal crescent. it is 2 and a half hours drive from london and we think it is well worth the visit.


quintessential, full of heritage and character and also very close to london, you can never go wrong with a visit to oxford.  wander around the town, check out the university or take a walk down the river – you are spoilt for choice in this stunning town. if you have time, you can also extend your visit and take a trip to the cotswolds, which are a group of stunning and famous English market towns and villages built from honey-coloured stone. oxford is around 1.5 hours from london by car, with the cotswolds. around 45 minutes further if you want to make it int a real adventure!


around 1 hour 30 minutes from london by car, canterbury is a historic english cathedral city which is home to a city, coast and countryside so it really has it all. it is one of the most beautiful historic cities in the country, with quaint cobbled streets and stunning rivers giving you plenty to keep you occupied.

although it may be too early for day trips out, now is a perfect time to plan and dream for when lockdown measures loosen up a bit.  it is a great opportunity to make the most of this stunning country and what is has to offer.

we only provided a snapshot of places you can visit in the uk but the list goes on. at seven events we are constantly staying in the loop about the best and most beautiful places to visit across the uk and world. if you would like any inspiration, drop us an email to – we’d love to hear from you!