travel the world in lockdown

travel the world in lockdown

travel the world – in lockdown!

 while global travel is out of sight for the foreseeable future, the world has come together using the internet to ensure everyone can access top destinations through virtual reality (vr).

some of the world’s leading galleries, museums and landscapes have come together to provide amazing entertainment that everyone can enjoy from their homes.

at seven events we miss travelling across the global on a new adventure! but through virtual reality, we have been able to experience new sights in different countries!

here are our top 4 virtual reality travel experiences to keep you sane during the lockdown.

icehotel, swedish lapland

companies across lapland have created adventures for those who need an escape and offer people the chance to virtually travel to the ice hotel in swedish lapland. the videos allow the visitor to see the local arctic wilderness, meet local huskies and reindeer, go dogsledding and reindeer sledding and even join a northern lights hunt.

jerusalem, israel

israel has lots of virtual tours for travellers who still want to stay connected. one tour takes you around jerusalem’s most famous sights. these videos include a voiceover tour guide giving more information on the city’s holiest places, while 360-degree option makes it feel more like you can explore.

grand canyon, arizona

this website offers lots of videos of the grand canyon and lets the viewers get a little deeper with a virtual reality archaeological tour. this allows travellers to explore and learn more about the history behind the canyon’s formation by clicking on different geological features.