try something new

try something new

being in lockdown means there aren’t as many options to try something new at the moment, however we were lucky enough to take part in a wellbeing workshop recently and as part of this had the pleasure of trying stem and glory’s new recipe kits.

launched at the end of january these are brand new from this plant based restaurant and i’m sure they’re going to be adding to their collection within the coming months.

not being a vegan myself i have to say my expectations were limited, however the kimchi pancakes that we cooked were fantastic. with the ingredients sent out a day in advance, there wasn’t much else i needed to provide other than a few utensils and cooking skills to bring the whole plate together.

this would be a fantastic way to have your team cook and have lunch together during a virtual event, whilst also encouraging them to try something new at the same time.

we have so many ideas as to how you can ‘try something new’ virtually so why not get in touch on 0207 659 4430 or and let us inspire you!