uk travel corridors opening – what does this mean for us?!

uk travel corridors opening – what does this mean for us?!

so the uk travel corridors are about to be announced and rumours are there could be up to 75 countries on the list allowing us to travel and come back quarantine free.  as travel lovers, its something that most of us at seven are very excited about!

it’s a complete u-turn to initial announcements that anyone travelling into the uk would need to isolate for 14 days.  now, we can visit and return from countries that are deemed lower risk than us rather than a blanket approach.  surely this is a blessing not just only for those wanting a holiday, but for the travel, hospitality and events industry as well!? it sounds almost too good to be true.

we do need to remember that not all countries announced on the list will allow citizens from the uk to enter without quarantining, so before booking to visit one of the listed countries, we’ll need to check their rules for us too.

as the events industry is one of the few industries currently left in the unknown, we can’t help but feel that this could give us a glimmer of hope for overseas events and incentives coming back on the horizon sooner than initially thought?

with the 2020 sunny weather becoming less and less frequent, could this be just in time for us to get some european sun and the chance of a summer holiday?! watch this space…