Unconventional Venues in London for Office Halloween Party

Unconventional Venues in London for Office Halloween Party

With Halloween just around the corner, many companies are scrambling to find the right space for their Halloween party.

The good news is that London has plenty of intriguing venues, so it can offer something for everyone’s taste and preferences.

To help you get started in finding the right venue, here are a few ideas that can work great for a Halloween party, each coming with its own unique advantages.

The London Dungeons

What could be creepier than getting below the streets of London and recapturing the atmosphere of the darker and grittier side of London’s history that’s not always visible today?

The London Dungeon can provide just that, and much more, in its unique London experience that’s making it an increasingly popular choice among venue finders in London.

Even corporate event organisers in London understand that such an atypical venue is a great choice – it not only offers a historical presence and a unique atmosphere that’s perfect for Halloween but also has all the necessary amenities and can actually fit more than 200 people.

The very central location also makes it very convenient for London-based Halloween parties as everyone will be able to reach the site easily.

The Ditch at Shoreditch Town Hall

If there’s a place that immediately draws a connection to a scene from a horror movie, it’s an abandoned basement with paint peeling off the walls.

And now, you can experience the thrill and chill that a historical basement of the Shoreditch Town Hall can offer – you’ll find the completely preserved and authentic basement that comes with original features such as exposed brickwork and pipes, fireplaces, and a truly unique atmosphere that’s hard to match, even in a city like London.

But even though The Ditch may seem abandoned, it’s actually a fully functional venue that’s perfect for a scary Halloween party, and it’s extremely popular among venue finders in London.

The venue can be transformed to fit almost any type of event, including even product launches and fundraisers, which regularly happen there. But truly, this type of spooky venue is best suited for when Halloween rolls around because of its interior.

The venue can fit up to 120 people, provides catering, and is over 200 square metres in total, so you’ll definitely have enough space for decorating rooms and halls and creating an unforgettable experience for your guests.

Middle Floor at Project B

If you’re looking for a simpler venue that’s also quite well suited for a Halloween party, you can’t go wrong with the Middle Floor space at Project B.

The wooden floors, intriguing wall paintings, and the ability to customise the space make it a great option that’s often used by corporate event organisers in London.

Although the space may not seem too big at first glance, it can actually fit 150 people and is 120 square metres in total, and also has a cloakroom and five toilets, so that your guests feel comfortable and can break out their spooky costumes without worrying where to put their coats.

The venue even has AV equipment and a designated area for a DJ, so if you want a full-on party until the early hours of the morning, this is an excellent choice.