Unique & Expeditious Ideas for Team Building

Unique & Expeditious Ideas for Team Building

Corporate Team building, a concept that can inspire such trepidation, groans and grumbles. Images of trust circles, building bridges and unwanted, facilitated fun, come to the forefront of most prospective attendees.

Don’t get me wrong, they each have their place, but it doesn’t have to be this way. This is one of the biggest challenges we have at SevenEvents, changing people’s perception. How have we done that? By working with our suppliers to create memorable, shared, experiences. Team building days designed to inspire and enthuse participants, an experience they wouldn’t be able to do in any other situation.

The key to our success, the experts. When designing our team building events, we always work with professionals, bringing their experience, knowledge and value to enhance our corporate team building events.

Here are some of our unique team building events:

Robot Battles

Partnering with the geniuses behind some of the most infamous robots, from Robot Wars, we have created a unique opportunity for delegates, in their teams, to design, create and battle their very own robot in a purpose built arena. This exciting event will boost morale and advance communication skills amongst the group, whilst providing a nostalgic and engaging experience.

The Hunter Experience

The Hunter Experience delivers a nerve racking and fast paced team building day. Working with members of the production team, from the Channel 4 TV show “Hunted”, we have designed and created a distinctive event, which sees participants take the role of the “Hunters” as they head out into the streets of their chosen city, tracking down and ultimately apprehending their “target”. Teams will be guided through this experience by members of the TV show and ex-surveillance officers, adding real life experience and anecdotes to further enrich this team building activity.

BBQ Masterclass

Cookery workshops and food related Corporate Team Building Events are not necessarily a new concept, and something very familiar and popular with most clients. However, partnering with the three times British BBQ champion, we have put together the perfect, outdoor, culinary experience. Teams get the opportunity to learn from the best, as they tackle the challenge of cooking a 3 course, Sunday roast, on the barbeque. This is guaranteed to have delegates talking for weeks after, even inflicting some of what they have learnt on their friends and family.

Bear Grylls Survival Experience

The dreaded survival day has put the fear in many a delegate! All team building experiences should push participants slightly outside their comfort zone, but it need not be traumatic!

The Bear Grylls Survival Experience delivers a refreshing and engaging alternative, focusing heavily on the expertise of the Bear Grylls Survival Team, including recognisable faces from his popular TV shows. This team building event offers a sneak peek behind the curtain, some real insight in to Bear Grylls, the brand, the man and the real value of leadership. All of this is ensconced in a highly bespoke, fun and fast paced survival event, all designed around real life experiences.

What do all of these have in common? They are experiences that can’t be done in your own time, they are run by the experts and most importantly, they are guaranteed to provide a shared, memorable experience; encouraging delegates to shift their perspectives and support an increase in buy in, from staff, to these team building events, resulting in an increase in ROI.