5 Unique Guerrilla Marketing Ideas to Make Your Event Successful

5 Unique Guerrilla Marketing Ideas to Make Your Event Successful

If you’re struggling to come up with a marketing strategy for your next event, it might be that you’re simply not considering more unorthodox approaches for generating buzz and excitement around your event.

After all, even though there are numerous traditional and proven strategies for promoting your event, you can’t always rely on them alone if you want your events to stand out and get people talking.

That’s why more and more event management companies in Birmingham and London are employing guerrilla marketing strategies to promote their event.

With guerrilla marketing, you can not only reach a broader audience but can do so on a smaller budget and in a way that might even catch the media’s attention.

But what is guerrilla marketing? And what are some unique guerrilla marketing ideas that you could use for your event production in London?

Let’s explore below.

What is Guerrilla Marketing?

The term guerrilla marketing encompasses a wide range of marketing strategies that use unconventional or surprising methods for attaining publicity and attention for their products or events.

It’s a business-world adaptation of the term guerrilla warfare, which is a war strategy that uses unconventional approaches, ambushes, sabotage, and other means that are supposed to take the enemy by surprise.

In the events world, guerrilla marketing usually involves experiential and brand-awareness campaigns that need to grab attention and surprise the people that are targeted.

Below, we’ll go through some of the more unique and exciting guerrilla marketing ideas that are used by event planners in Birmingham and all across the UK.

Street Art

Most people have learned to tune out the billboards and signage that they see throughout the day, as otherwise, there would simply be too much information that they’d have to process.

However, that’s not the case with street art such as graffiti, which still has an authenticity and a surprise factor that naturally draws attention, especially if it is more elaborate and has an intriguing message.

Now, we’re not suggesting you should go and vandalize the building walls in your city. Still, there are plenty of ways to legally use graffiti art as a temporary guerrilla marketing solution.

However, if you want it to have the desired effect, you must make sure that you

1) use a skilled artist that can produce a beautiful piece and

2) develop a message that’s organic, relevant to your audience, and relevant to the type of event that you want to organize.

Flash Mob

Flash mobs were a huge hit a few years back – people would create beautiful dance and choreography numbers at random places, mesmerising crowds, and garnering tons of attention in the process.

Therefore, it’s not surprising that event companies started using flashmobs to generate a buzz around their events as well.

If you create a flashmob experience that can promote and highlight the main themes of your event, you are almost guaranteed to generate exposure and get more people to consider your event.

The best part about flash mob guerrilla marketing is that it can be very affordable. If you can get your staff and their friends to participate, you won’t have to spend almost anything, while also guaranteeing that everyone involved has loads of fun.


One of the most classic guerrilla marketing approaches for promoting your event is using stickers to draw people’s attention all around the city.

Promoting your event using stickers is especially useful for more youth-oriented events, as you can use strong and distinctive visuals, as well as QR codes or other digital integration to tell your entire story in a small space that the sticker provides.

However, if you don’t want your campaign to backfire, make sure that you carefully pick the spots where you use the stickers and not vandalise any properties in the process, as that can cause a negative reaction and put off many people from attending.

If you want to really draw attention, invest in bigger stickers that look unusual, and get people to stop and notice your efforts.


Technology is advancing at a rapid pace, so event production in London must involve it as well if you don’t want to bore your audiences.

Today, it’s easier than ever to gamify the experience of your attendees and prospects, developing an app or a social media game where people would need to solve puzzles, locate hidden clues, or achieve various milestones to win prizes at the event itself.

If you provide extra points to those that share their gamification experience on social media, you can get more people to join and increase the number of attendees solely by getting them excited about the potential of winning the game and the prizes that come with it.

Although you may think that this type of app or game would be challenging to put together, you can always consult a professional event planning company that can help you find the best resources to put it together on a budget that is acceptable to you.


Finally, if you’re organising an event in a big city and want to get in front of as many eyes as possible, using traffic to your advantage is always a good choice.

If you revamp a car to be eye-catching and provide the essential information about your event, you will get people to turn their heads and read about what it says, getting at least some of them interested in your event.

You could even attach speakers to the car and broadcast a message that draws attention and invites people to learn more if you feel like that’s something that your audience would respond positively to.

Make sure to tie the car’s design to your event, using elements that tell a story and provide additional charm and style so that you promote your brand as well.