Up, up and away!

Up, up and away!

Here are Seven Events we work with a lot of incentive groups and have established our place in the market as the go to people for incentive trips. Why are we the people to go to? Well we know what makes an incentive trip successful!


The key to a good incentive

Having just got back from another successful client incentive trip we were talking to them about what makes a successful incentive event and in this instance it was two things:

  • That the guests are having a good time and networking with each other
  • That they see enough of the destination to want to come back again themselves


How do you choose a good incentive destination?

The world is literally at everyone’s feet and being in Europe we are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing places to go that are easily accessible for groups.

When we look at destinations for our clients we tend to consider the following factors:

  • Somewhere that isn’t too far to fly depending on the length of the trip
  • A destination that is going to spark interest for guests that perhaps they’ve not been to before – maybe an up and coming destination or somewhere not seen as a ‘holiday’ destination
  • Where has good hotels that are of a high level of service?
  • What is there to do there? Essentially if it’s a short incentive of maybe a few days, which often it is, how can we put together an itinerary that gives our guests a good overview of what the destination is all about?


When you’re in a destination for a short amount of time picking a place that is easy to get your bearings and that is essentially walkable, is key.

Literally put yourself in your guest’s shoes. You would want to come away from this trip excited about where you’ve been and ready to tell everyone about it.

If you’re the client organising it, then you want your guests striving to win a place on the next year’s incentive!

As we said, SevenEvents are experts in this field. Why not check out one of our recent case studies and make us your first point of call when you’re organising your next  event?! Get in contact with one of our experts today!