upskilling in lockdown

upskilling in lockdown

there are only so many series on netflix that you can binge watch. so once you have got that out of your system have you thought about what you can do too upskill? with the majority of us having a lot more time on our hands it is sometimes easy for us to loose our sense of purpose. upskilling is a great way to keep busy and motivated. have you previously said you would like to do something? well this is the perfect time to action this. below are a few ideas and tools to use:


your employer might offer a range of training and development material, this would be a good time to go through all of this. this will all be relevant to your job sector so there will be a direct application to your everyday role. upskilling this way has long lasting benefits to both you and your employer.

online training

ever wanted to learn something new? there are numerous online training sessions available to you. one place to start is the open university, they offer over a 1000 free courses for you to dive into. they have courses on business and money, education and development, science and maths, politics and lot lot more!


a lot of us only scratch the surface of what technology has to offer. with most the world using online communication platforms at this time, why not really delve into what they can offer. most of these systems have loads of fantastic functions that you could utilise!


this is a great time to brush up on any language skills. we will travel again and when this happens why not know how to order a beer in that destination. there are tons of great online course online for you to choose from!

brain training

upskilling could be as simple as training your brain to work more efficiently. brain training is proven to help improve your focus and memory. brain hq offer a range of free exercises for you to work through.