3 unique venue finding strategies for your next big event

Venue Finding Strategy

3 unique venue finding strategies for your next big event

Planning a successful event is a challenging process that involves thousands of decisions. However, no matter how well you prepare for an event, it will all be for nothing if you aren’t able to choose the right venue.

In fact, the reason why many businesses choose to hire event management companies is their ability to offer unique venues and the experience of selecting a site that’s right for your situation.

However, even though finding a venue can be a challenging task, there are strategies that you can use to make the entire process more manageable.

To get you started, here are a few things you should consider when choosing the venue to maximize your chances of success.

Figure Out Your Requirements

No matter the city that you operate in, there’s probably an abundance of venues for all kinds of different occasions and events.

So, if you don’t want to waste days or even weeks sorting through thousands of listings, you need to be very specific in your requirements so that you can eliminate most of the venues that you know aren’t the right fit.

Things you should consider include the type of event you want to organise, the number of expected guests, the location that would best suit you, as well as your budget.

Once you figure out this info, you’ll then have a much easier time immediately eliminating a lot of the options. You can also provide this info to a conference venue finding service and help them identify the venues that are exactly what you’re looking for.

Don’t Forget the Amenities

One of the most common mistakes novice event organisers make is not considering the amenities and equipment that will be required for the event.

Then, once the event date nears closer and they realise that the venue doesn’t have the necessary media equipment or catering options, they’re forced to scramble to find what they need themselves and often pay a premium for the additional service.

So, during the process of looking at specific venues, make sure you have a list of everything you’ll need and ask the venue managers if they can accommodate your needs.

Start Looking Early

There’s no such thing as starting the search for the right venue too early.

Competition for the best venues is steep, and some of them often get booked up months or even a year in advance, so if you’re going to have a chance of getting a good deal for a venue that meets your requirements, you need to set out as much time as possible to give you the best chance.

Finding the venue should probably be one of the first things you should do – once you know what you’re looking for, you should start going through sites and making a shortlist of those that would be a good fit.

If you start too late, you could be left scrambling to find the right choice and have to settle for something that isn’t what you’re looking for, hurting your chances of success.

It also helps to consult a creative event company that can help you figure out your needs and make helpful suggestions about which types of amenities could help make your event better.