A Venue That Isn’t Afraid to Stand Out!

A Venue That Isn’t Afraid to Stand Out!

We’re always being asked by our clients for something a ‘little bit different’ when looking for venues and one new kid on the block stands out currently. A client of ours, on our recommendation, has an upcoming event at the Ham Yard Hotel.


This is a hotel that isn’t afraid to stand out from the crowd. I think that it often seems that hotels are afraid of doing anything too daring with the décor of their space for fear that potential clients will think it’s too flash or overtly coloured, however The Ham Yard Hotel goes against all of this, particularly in their event spaces.


With a floor dedicated to events, you walk into the Dive Bar which is a high ceilinged room due to it also leading to the upper level of their screening room. With a bar the length of the room it’s a great space with bright red and pattered walls. This leads into the screening room which is a fantastic two level space seating up to 190 people. Literally a hidden gem in the West End! The three smaller event rooms don’t scrimp on the décor either. All interconnecting, the colours and décor really make this space larger than life and we’ve not met a client yet who hasn’t liked it.


It’s other fun factor is that there’s even a bowling alley that can be hired out – great if you’re wanting a fun activity or post event reception. So in our opinion maybe some of the other hotels could take a leaf out of their book and not be afraid to be that ‘something a little bit different’.


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