5 virtual christmas party ideas to organise events for remote teams

5 virtual christmas party ideas to organise events for remote teams

everyone always looks forward to the christmas party and this year should be no different. you may not be able to host an in-person event but event management companies in london and virtual event production companies have been on the case to find and create the best virtual options for you. over the last several months at seven events we have been focusing on getting a wonderful collection of virtual christmas events to offer you. a lot of event companies in london and across the country have a list of their favourite ideas. here are 5 of our virtual christmas party ideas to organise the event:


virtual wine and dine 

wine is usually a key element of any christmas party so let’s continue that in the virtual world. wine tasting is a fun and sociable activity that can easily be translated into the virtual world. there are also many ways you can pimp this activity out to make it extra special. prior to the event, 4 lovely bottles of wines will be sent out to each guest along with tasting notes. want to give it a wow factor? we can organise a 3-course dining meal, cheese boards or snacks to be sent out as well! on the day of the event everyone one will log onto the call and the wine tasting will commence with an expert leading the way.

virtual christmas quiz 

quizzes are all the rage right now and are a great way for everyone to have a laugh and socialise. event management companies in london are offering a wide range of different quizzes, so there are loads of options for you to choose from. we believe you can really enhance your quiz by hiring a virtual event production company to make it extra special. why not go crazy with graphics and also hire in a celebrity host. the options with a quiz are endless, you can make it as big as you want it to be. we love our christmas quiz offerings; they are great fun with a variety of rounds.

virtual musical bingo 

this is proving a hit with our clients and we aren’t surprised! this is a great activity to bring remote teams together for a lot of fun and a good laugh. hosted by a compere, guests will compete against each other in a number of rounds. each round will take on a different theme such as christmas classics, a particular decade or just a quirky topic. get ready to see all your colleagues up and dancing for this activity!

virtual house party 

looking for something fast-paced and fully interactive, then this is the one for you! this is a mash-up of all the best game show rounds you see on tv. prior to the event teams will receive a party pack of mystery goodies which will help them take part in the activities. on the day of the event everyone will join the call and will be split into teams. everyone will then take part in a serious of hilarious challenges. the game could include, wheel of fortune, true or false, mini guinness world record challenge and even a catwalk challenge.

christmas show 

looking for something completely bespoke? then with the help of a virtual event production company then you can put on a full christmas show. you can include dance performances, celebrity comedian acts, magic shows and much more. you can still make this interactive by incorporating one of the above activities and sending out gifts beforehand.