virtual energising activities

virtual energising activities

with many clients still looking to host their events virtually for the first part of next year, we have some great activities to help energise your audience.

this unique haka activity is a high energy 45-minute class. lead by one of our organisers, guests will learn the iconic tribal dance. this is a great opportunity to learn a new skill and put together a sequence of moves to perform as a team at the end of the session. this activity lends itself to being recorded and shown back at a future date – the perfect memento of what can be achieved as a team in only a short period of time.

body rap
a simple and fun energiser that brings the whole group together through the unification of music. body rap uses the power of humour, rhythm and shared experience to energise and unify teams with positive memorable results. the objective of the activity is for the whole group to each play the small part of one larger human orchestra. quick, quirky, and incredibly effective, body rap is an off-the-wall musical conference energiser guaranteed to liven up the most challenging audience

around the world activity
take your team on a virtual trip around the world. this event is engaging and has a heavy emphasis on communication. you will work in smaller teams to answer a series of questions, aim of the game is simple, get as many points as possible.

beat the screen
this is a virtual activity but with a slight twist. this is designed to help get your team out for a bit of physical activity. this in turn helps with engagement and your general well-being.  set over 3 rounds the guest will compete in a range of activities that will make sure everyone feels involved. round one consist of cryptic tasks to be completed virtually. round two is the part where you are encouraged to get outside and you will be given fun creative photo and video challenges to complete. round 3 is beat the clock round where teams regroup virtually to complete as many trivia questions as possible.


if you’re on the lookout for your next activity, our expert team would love to hear from you. get in touch by calling +44 (0)207 659 4430 or click here to enquire now!