virtual events in 2022- raise the bar

virtual events in 2022- raise the bar

the future of the event industry has changed forever. and while we have all experienced serious webinar and video fatigue over the past couple of years, virtual events are still highly sought-after. a linkedin survey of 200 companies in the u.k. and ireland found that 72% of respondents said that they would keep holding virtual events for the long term. this is likely because virtual events can be cost-effective and offer global access to content creators and industry peers without the stress (and cost) of travel.

platforms such as zoom & ms teams have been popular due to being cost effective, robust and reliable. however, attendees are now wanting, expecting and some might say, needing more. it’s imperative to raise the bar in order to be unique and stay competitive.

some examples of raising your virtual event game are:

  • event personalisation- creating bespoke, focused invites, branded event websites and personalised notifications to help drive attendee levels and create pre-event buzz!
  • incorporating quizzes, polls, and surveys. these will not only keep attendees entertained but will also give you insights into what they find interesting. you can use that later to improve your content and marketing
  • increase levels of engagement and interaction by utilising an event host
  • ondemand option to help combat screen fatigue and social anxiety, allowing employees to engage when they want and how they want

here at sevenevents, we took the time at the start of the pandemic to listen to our clients and in turn we created hubseven, an integrated event platform which creates authentic event experiences for attendees.

some of the key features of hubseven are:

  • live stream sessions straight into the platform
  • customise elements of the platform to your specific event needs
  • create attendee groups for unique attendee experiences, as required interactive features; live chat, q&a and session feedback
  • networking and sponsorship showcase opportunities
  • link to breakout sessions in external software (platform capability coming soon)
  • event data analytics
  • secure access gateway
  • cost effective solution

so, if you’re looking to plan a remote business event that’s fun and keeps people engaged and you want something that is the next step-up from your normal platform, then please email us on