virtual fatigue – tired of hearing about it

virtual fatigue – tired of hearing about it

the phrase virtual fatigue, or zoom fatigue, is one you may have heard – but here at sevenevents it’s not one that we believe.

yes, we were forced to take to the virtual world during lockdowns, but now our clients are still choosing to use this medium because it makes sense for a lot of other reasons.

  • if you would normally have a large conference with overnight accommodation virtual can be more cost effective
  • if you would normally fly guests from around the world to one place for a meeting then you are significantly reduced your carbon footprint
  • if you want to deliver short bursts of content to your audience rather than taking a whole day, virtual can be the better solution

our solution to virtual, using our platform hubseven, isn’t just your standard online meeting. it’s elevated because of the production we include and the support that we offer as standard. you can still have fun, bond with your team, network and be within the comfort of your own home or office.

you may not be forced to deliver your events this way anymore but the desire to do so doesn’t have to wane.

get in touch with the team at sevenevents so we can explain how your next virtual event can still create, deliver and inspire.