virtual team building: pottery masterclass

virtual team building: pottery masterclass

over the last few months, we have received quite a few enquiries for pottery masterclasses. therefore, we thought it was really important to get a good option for these. read all about our new pottery virtual masterclass below:

prior to the pottery experience, each guest will receive a wonderful clay kit.

in your kit, you will find

  • air dry clay (1 kg) – this clay is non-toxic and dries naturally.
  • potters pin tool
  • ribbon tool
  • wire cutter tool
  • scraper tool
  • smoother tool
  • rib tool
  • small rolling pin
  • paint brush
  • sponge
  • water container
  • sandpaper
  • wooden board

your class will then run over your chosen virtual platform. the online group workshop will teach hand-building skills and essential pottery techniques. at the end of the workshop, participants will have a small collection of hand-built clay pieces – making lovely display items, or gifts.

this online workshop is great for groups who are looking for creative relaxation and mindful time out from a busy day!

if you’re on the lookout for your next activity, our expert team would love to hear from you. get in touch by calling +44 (0)207 659 4430 or click here to enquire now!