a virtual weekend

a virtual weekend

so the working from home routine has set in. for many modern professionals, working from home every once in a while is a luxury that our respective companies allow us, but now that working from home is now considered the new ‘norm’, its hard to separate what a non-work day would look like. long gone are the distant memories of meeting your friends in the pub for a drink on a friday after work, or going for a boozy bottomless brunch for a friends birthday on a saturday and don’t even mention the idea of going to for a family roast in a restaurant! luxury acts i am sure we are all kicking ourselves for not appreciating more at the time.

fear not. after some deep thinking, the team at sevenevents have brainstormed up some cool and fun ideas to do with your friends, virtually of course.

pub quiz

if you cant go to the pub, bring the pub to yours. grab a few drinks and tune into the big drop brewery, who host their weekly pub quick via youtube on tuesdays at 7.30pm.

get cooking

lets face it, who doesn’t have a cook book sitting in their kitchen collecting dust… knowing full well you had all the right intentions to make a handful of recipes yet you have never got round to it. share your quarantine recipes with your friends by creating an online cookbook that you can all contribute to and compare the finished product!

start a netflix club

its like a book club, but better! grab a drink, put your comfies on and melt into the sofa, all whilst watching some of the most talked about series. my personal favourite is suits – action packed, makes you feel like you could be a secret lawyer and it’s the tv program that megan markle was in!

host a virtual games night

one must have app download is ‘houseparty’. this app is a bit like facetiming however you can add way more people to the video call and its not just limited to iphone users. here on the video call each guest can take part in a group game and compete against each other. my favourite game is entertainment knowledge (lets just say i know the showbiz section on the daily mail like the back of my hand) or the guess the song lyrics.