Wellbeing in the Workplace with an Incentive Like No Other

Wellbeing in the Workplace with an Incentive Like No Other

Creating a culture of wellbeing

In the last couple of years, business practices and business dynamics have been strongly recommending that company owners and CEOs stimulate the engagement of employees.* There is a whole queue of research that has confirmed a direct link between engagement, health and profit increase.

Stress is one of the main reasons for poor engagement of employees. According to the European agency for safety and workplace health, 80% of staff suffer from stress consequences. Overtime productivity decreases and companies are taking note, truly paying attention to the health of their employees. As a result, corporate culture is evolving and employee wellbeing in the workplace is no longer just a trend but an integral part of an organisation’s overall strategy. Thriving businesses embed wellbeing within their business culture, through policy and process. Furthermore, wellbeing has a top-down effect. If CEOs are stressed, this trickles down to managers, and then on to front-line employees. The reverse is true. If wellbeing is the priority, it flows down, and positive results ensue.

However, personal and workplace habits, which contribute greatly to corporate culture, don’t change overnight. So, the questions of “what are our goals, why this, why now?” should first be addressed to provide a foundation for the changes that await. Employees are much more likely to adopt a change-ready mindset if they understand the reasoning behind it.


Delivering the change

In search of quality and long-term solutions, management and boards of companies are often seeking holistic approaches instead of individual initiatives.** In other words, programs that look at the health and wellbeing of a business as a whole.

One way to kick-start a culture of wellbeing is to hold an off-site corporate “recharge” retreat. An experience like no other, it is a “2 in 1” incentive trip combined with a stress resilience/personal energy management/capacity building program that fulfils business objectives while recognising that employee wellbeing is where it all starts.

With a multidisciplinary approach, individualised, personalised attention and team-building aspects, retreats are tailor-made for each company and their specific goals. Combining specific treatments, exercises, educational workshops, and one on one consultations, attendees learn all-natural ways to restore their personal batteries, gain new energy, learn about self- care, and how to implement what they learned when returning to work.

In the long term, these programs lead to producing a healthy person/employee, an efficient workforce, higher engagement and positive business culture.


Destination summary

A truly restoring, recharging and breathtaking destination, Lošinj is the perfect location that truly offers balance in all aspects – a balance of business and pleasure, a balance of activity and relaxation, a balance of health with a bit of indulgence. One of Croatia’s many islands sprinkled in the Adriatic Sea, and not too far away from civilisation with a wonderful feeling of seclusion. It’s the ideal setting to create a wellbeing and energy management-focused incentive program that provides returns on objectives and investment. Driven by nature, this one-of-a-kind journey will have teams return home full of energy, inspiration and motivation. Disappointment is not possible with this unprecedented experience.


Sample Itinerary 

day one – arrival on the island of Lošinj via private air transfer – there is no better introduction to the Adriatic coast than from the air!

Attendees will be whisked away to their superior atrium rooms at the luxurious Hotel Bellevue, nestled among tranquil pine forests on the bay. Then it’s off to individual energy health checks. No need to worry – no blood will be taken nor will there be electrodes or a request to step on a treadmill, it’s a simple, quick, and accurate assessment of overall health that will allow further customisation of all that awaits…

day two – After watching a sunrise like no other while exercising and breathing the freshest air in the world, it’s on to the best breakfast buffet. Ever.

Then it’s time to get busy getting relaxed and recharged…individual spine therapy treatments that will restore personal energy flows are next on the agenda for each participant.

Dinner is a three-course gourmet affair and offers an impressive array of Croatian and Mediterranean delicacies.

day three – By now the team will be eagerly awaiting the daily “recharge sessions”. With ten carefully chosen synergistic therapies that provide deep relaxation of the body and mind, participants’ bodies naturally repair themselves, accumulate extra energy and recover from accumulated stress.

An inspirational energy management workshop will connect all the dots and present powerful knowledge and specific strategies for better energy flow in work and private life.

day four – After a personalised private consultation, it will be time to head home. Restored, recharged, and feeling great!


* according to Deloitte research Global Human Capital Trends, 2015.

** CIPD: Growing the Health and Wellbeing Agenda, 2015.




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