what is a delegate management system and should you be using one?

what is a delegate management system and should you be using one?

delegate management plays a big role in the overall success of an event. from the very first invitation to the final post event survey, it’s important your communications are clear, concise and on brand. a delegate management system (or dms) helps you to achieve just that by creating a micro-site for your event where guests register their attendance, provide any necessary information and access event information such as the agenda or find the details of sponsors and key-note speakers.

seven events have over a decade of knowledge when it comes to planning and managing both live and virtual events and ensure we offer our clients the right solution every time. we understand that when planning a major conference, delegate satisfaction is a crucial element of delivering a successful event. seven events use a sophisticated delegate management system that is customised to each client’s specific needs. our system allows clients to create a fully bespoke registration website, designed to exact specification and abiding by your branding guidelines.

so, when do you need to use a dms?

we recommend the use of a dms if your event requires any of the following:

  • a high-quality comms plan throughout the event life cycle
  • a platform where guests can register, modify, and cancel their attendance
  • collection of personal or sensitive data
  • accurate reporting pre/during and post event
  • onsite live check in with the option of print-on-demand name tags


if you’re planning your next event and need some guidance on invitee management and communications, get in touch with our expert team by clicking here!