nearly every meeting, site visit, talk, conference alludes to how to be more sustainable and what actions said venue or team are implementing.

I had also started including this in my day to day conversations without much thought to what it meant.  That was until I was at a talk the other day when one of the attendees asked the speaker how can we make our events more sustainable?  The speaker refused to answer the question, his response was when you say sustainable what do you mean, which elements, which goal, what are you trying to align to?

Whilst the attendee in question turned a slightly pink colour, I contemplated what I knew.  Actually, not that much!

Turns out there is a lot to know and the common elements we usually refer to climate action, sustainable cities and gender equality are just a few of the 17 Global Goals for sustainable development.

I now understood where the Speaker was coming from!

We are trying to do our bit as an agency to work with our clients to make small changes that will have a positive effect, through catering, collateral or transportation but there is a long way to go!

My challenge going forward is to keep learning more about each one of these Global Goals and find key ways for us, our partners and our clients to keep doing more and then to shout about it so others can learn too!