what makes a venue great?

what makes a venue great?

now that we’re back to organising in person events for our clients, which we’re super excited about, we’re conscious of what it is that really makes a venue great.

what is important to you as a client?

we’re guessing a great view… amazing food… fabulous service… your guests having the best time…

for us there are so many elements that we deal with and consider before we even welcome your guests through the door, so what might they be?

great communication with us – for us as event agents we have to have a great relationship with the people we deal with. coming back to us quickly, answering all our (and your) questions and offering us what works for the event are all important factors. we’re back to working at a fast pace and our suppliers need to be too.

a great site visit – now as a client you may not notice if the site visit goes swimmingly, but you’ll notice if it isn’t a good one. as agents we are familiar with the venues we suggest, and we are capable of showing the space but it’s the people who work there who are really going to sell it. a great site visit will make you want to hold your event at a venue straight away – a bad one will make you question the service and whether this is the right place for you. enthusiasm goes a long way!

great communication internally – we develop a brilliant rapport with our contacts and then we get passed on to the operations team. this team need to be even better than our original contact as they are the people who are going to deliver for you on the day. sadly since covid, there has been a shortage of great people in hospitality and this has really affected how events can be delivered. we rely on impeccable communication between internal departments to really ensure that everything we’ve promised you our client, is going to happen.


so when you are looking for a venue next and you reach out to us with your enquiry, be sure to know that we are working away in the background, on a number of points you’d never know about, ensuring that our suggestions are always going to deliver. get in touch and let us show you what we can do. rest assured you’ll be in safe hands!