who is the stage manager?

who is the stage manager?

in the production of live events, everything has to be very fast and well planned, so that when the audience attends the event, they have a pleasant experience and a first-class show. this is where there is a position that fulfils the most important role of all: the stage manager.

a stage manager works with a director of the event and the event team to keep all production organized and on schedule. they help to run rehearsals, making sure speakers take breaks and know when to arrive and what to prepare.

the stage manager communicates with the team to keep people on schedule, pass on any notes from the director, and make sure the production continues as the director and designers envisioned.

the stage manager has to have an understanding of design and technical theatre, as they “call the show” by telling the technicians when to change the lighting, sound, scenery, and other design elements. they start working pre-events as it is very important to have them on board from the start.

at sevenevents we believe stage manager is a key role in events and who fulfils the leadership role of the stage.

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