why rehearsals are so important for virtual events

why rehearsals are so important for virtual events

as is it with all live events, the pre-production phase is the absolute key to the successful delivery of virtual events. it is important to focus enough time and resources on ensuring the crucial pre-event stages are carried out. these involve the below areas:

content elevation- an experienced producer can use this time before the live event to work with you to ensure your content is presented in the most engaging way possible, consulting on the format and designing branded overlays to bring the content to life.

tech checks-  take the time to schedule and conduct technical checks with all speakers, introduce the speaker interface, check internet connections and speakers setups to establish if any specialised hardware is required such as headphones or backdrops.

event rehearsal- the final pre-production phase will normally be to arrange an event rehearsal to test content on the platform with speakers, allowing them to check through presentations and get used to presenting into the platform ahead of the live event. this will also give everyone a chance to ensure that the formatting of the content and platform are offering the best audience experience possible.

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