why should you offer an incentive travel trip?

why should you offer an incentive travel trip?

the world of work is changing, and one of the key trends is that employees are placing greater importance on the benefits offered by a company. incentive travel is an exclusive and once in a lifetime opportunity that would be valued by both current and potential employees. but how does it benefit you, the employer?

 good company culture

a huge benefit of group travel in general is to build relationships, and this couldn’t be more important for creating a good company culture. experiencing a once in a lifetime hot air balloon ride or finally exploring the lava fields of iceland creates closer friendships both in and outside the workplace. this will in turn create better teamwork and communication. incentive travel can also boost employee morale and support wellbeing as it offers time away from the office to rest and work on themselves.

employee retention

as a result of a healthy, valued and friendly company culture, employees will be happier in the workplace and have a greater affinity with the business, increasing employee retention.


incentive travel is often used as a positive way to motivate employee performance for a job well done, for example hitting sales targets, and improve loyalty for the company. not only this, those rewarded with incentive trips will feel recognised and grateful for the experience, and other employees will be motivated to work harder to receive these rewards.

new ways of working

research has shown that younger employees often prefer meaningful experiences more than products as a reward at work. therefore, offering incentive travel will appeal to the millennial and later generations of employees, and attract attention during recruitment for potential employees from this age group as well.

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photo credit: https://www.pexels.com/photo/hot-air-balloons-flying-over-the-city-3889741/