Value in Site Visits

Value in Site Visits

This week I spent a day out of the office visiting various venues with some of our clients, but is it worth it?

Simply Yes!


It’s not just the value in seeing the spaces and hearing about the many options you can add to make your event really stand out.  It’s the time with the clients understanding their likes and dislikes.  Everyone has different priorities and having knowledge of this is only going to benefit future proposals.


It’s also beneficial for your rapport with the venue.  If you’ve met, they know it’s not just an empty enquiry and this helps the bases for negotiations and unique requests.


Site visits also give the client an opportunity to see the venue in action.  Try to make time to have a coffee or something to eat so you can experience the service firsthand and get a feel for the quality of the produce.


So pop on your comfy shoes and get visiting!