why you should use an event agency

why you should use an event agency

despite the event world-changing recently, we strongly believe live events will be back – bigger and better than ever! Now is a great time to find out a little bit more about what event agencies actually do and how they can be really useful tools to companies that are planning to put on any kind of event.

event agencies are your best friend when it comes to planning an event, no matter the size or the occasion. it may not seem like a necessity when you first think of it but the benefits of using an agency are huge – before, during and after your event. we wanted to show you some of the areas that agencies can add real value and also just make your lives much easier when it comes to the planning an event.  some of the areas are as follows:

venue side

as an agency, we spend a lot of time researching new venues and developing relationships with existing venues. this can help our clients in multiple ways as we are able to help narrow down options, negotiate preferential rates with venues on your behalf which will save you money and suggest fantastic new venues to give you memorable events. we are also very aware of the questions to ask around things like lighting, transportation, parking, kitchen facilities and cancellation policies.

creative ideas and design           

agencies have a mixture of skill sets and can suggest and build upon your event image and bring it to life using creative design, content creation and thinking outside the box. a mixture of creative team members and having a pool of incredible suppliers mean agencies can help bring your event to life in a memorable way visually and enhance your brand even more!

saves time for you

before long, organising an event can somehow end up becoming a second job for many. having an agency there to project management which includes reading the contracts from the venues and multiple suppliers and negotiating the little details, saves the client time and a lot of hassle! it can be easier and neater to have one single point of contact for everything, who will also be there on the day, with regular check-ins during the lead-up. agencies also run the delegate management which helps the attendee journey, organises the list and sets the tone for the event.

tech advancements

agencies are also clued up when it comes to audiovisual and tech and can recommend the newest production options to really wow your guests and get your message across. new ways to do this are constantly being introduced so it’s a great way to quickly find the best options and have some ideas that maybe a little more unusual put forward.

on the day

one of the most important ways to get the most out of using an agency is that they can be there on the day to manage your event, leaving you to focus on your guests and also enjoying the event yourself.  it also allows you to feel less stressed in the lead up to the event and have your point of contact with you for the end to end process – taking that pressure off you!


as experienced professionals, agencies will ensure your event is a success and follow-ups afterwards will help tailor it to your specifications even more for next time. agencies help show your Rio and support that events are great ways to market your brand and a viable channel to use – which also are enjoyable to so a win-win!

if you think this could be helpful for you in the future or have any questions, drop us an email to info@sevenevents.co.uk – we’d love to hear from you!